The crusade against carbon dioxide and integrity in climate science

In September 2023, Princeton University’s Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor Emeritus of Physics, William Happer, spoke at the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) to an audience in Brisbane, Australia about the crusade against carbon dioxide and integrity in climate science. Will Happer is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Physics Division, and has made fantastic contributions to the U.S. Defense and Space Programs.

Professor Happer is one of the world’s leading scientists and climate realists, having made extensive contributions to the debate about climate science. While in Australia, he gave similar talks in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

Preview of Professor William Happer IPA lecture – The Crusade Against Carbon Dioxide – September 2023

In my opinion, this is Professor Happer’s best-ever lecture on this topic and it is the best Climatology talk I have ever heard — in terms of giving a 47-min-long presentation on a complex subject in a down-to-earth, apolitical, folksy chat that is neither arrogant nor condescending nor intimidating — and which scientists in the field, as well as the lay public, will have no problem in understanding.

If you want to know the truthful scientific facts (as opposed to journalistic and politics hyperbole and hysteria), I encourage everyone to set aside an hour or two and learn the LATEST in the field. 😊 [I found that it’s easier to understand, if you click on “closed captions” (CC) — although the transcript includes a number of wrong words.] If you don’t want to know the truth, please delete without watching / listening.

His lecture (~47 minutes) can be downloaded here:

or here:

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