Where Is This “Climate Crisis” That Activists Keep Talking About?

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Where Is This “Climate Crisis” That Activists Keep Talking About?

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TUESDAY, FEB 14, 2023

Climate change hysteria has been an ongoing point of social contention since at least the 1980s. For the past 40 years, western countries have been relentlessly bombarded with global warming propaganda and predictions of an environmental cataclysm. Many people spent their formative childhoods and school years being indoctrinated with tales of oblivion: A world in which the oceans rise hundreds of feet and land masses are swallowed by the waves. A world in which exponentially rising temperatures create havoc with the weather as millions die from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and drought.

As many of us now know, all of these claims ended up being false. The glaciers and polar ice caps never melted. The land is not covered by the seas. The only famine today is a result of economic disaster, not climate disaster. And, most endangered species have not disappeared from the planet. But, climate scientists chasing billions of dollars in funding from governments and globalist think tanks still say the weather Apocalypse is coming; they were wrong for 40 years, but we should trust them now. The “debate is over” they say, and we must defer to the “experts.”

But where is the evidence of this climate crisis that these well funded scientists and activists keep talking about? Where are the weather effects? One can see the very tangible results of our ongoing economic crisis; inflation and high prices, floundering consumers relying on credit cards, mass layoffs in the tech industry spreading to other sectors, etc. People are experiencing the downturn and they can witness the consequences for themselves. If the climate cult wants people to take them seriously, they will have to show some kind of visible proof that global warming is real and a legitimate threat.

The problem is, they have no proof, and so they are forced to dishonestly connect every single bad weather event to “climate change” as a means to frighten the public. Let’s look at the real weather data and see if supposedly dangerous man-made carbon emissions are somehow contributing to weather calamity.

The US is often cited as a primary carbon polluter (even though nations like China produce 30% of global carbon emissions while the US produces only 14%). Let’s look at a track record of US weather data and see if we can find signs of impending disaster. If the problem is global, then it should certainly be visible in US weather as much as any other country.

How about hurricanes? Every time a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast the mainstream media rants about climate change as the cause. But has there been a significant increase in hurricanes in the US? No, there has not according to long term data. Storms are forming at a rate consistent with the historic record.

What about major flooding events? Has there been more downpours and raging rivers? No, there has not. Flooding events are not happening at a greater frequency or severity today than they have in past decades. Even climate scientists are forced to admit that US and global flood damage has been in decline for decades. Data of damage as a proportion of GDP shows this.

Does this mean we are facing increasing drought conditions? Surely, global warming is causing significant damage through loss of rainfall? Nope, that’s not happening either. The worst droughts in recent US history occurred in the 1930s and 1950s.

Maybe we can see a noticeable shift in tornadoes and severe weather inland? Are there more deadly tornadoes today than years ago? No, there are not. In fact, dangerous tornadoes have been declining.

Climate change hysteria often relies on the theory of temperature “tipping points” as a basis for their arguments. Official temp data only goes back to the 1880s, giving us a tiny window to view climate and compare data from today with the data from the past. According to the NOAA, global temps have risen less than 1°C in 100 years. They assert that it only takes a 1.5°C increase to trigger a “tipping point” event that could destroy the Earth as we know it. There is no evidence to support tipping point theory, nor is there a historic precedent. Certainly, there is no evidence in the weather, and skeptics are having a difficult time finding any indications that a catastrophe is on the horizon.

If anything, the data prove that man-made carbon emissions have no effect on weather events. So, if we are on the verge of global warming annihilation, it’s not because human industry caused it.

The truth is, climate change has become a religious ideology, an extension of Earth worship based on faith rather than facts. And like every religion, the climate cult needs an Apocalypse mythology, an end of the world image to keep the flock in line. Every decade they conjure up new tales of inevitable destruction unless we follow their rules and bow to their whims. It is a sad attempt to co-opt science as a tool for zealotry.

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