Bureaucrats censor radiation risk science fraud by cancelling whistleblowers

From time-to-time, in addition to analyzing scientific articles about gene-environment interactions, GEITP attempts to bring to light scientific fraud and corruption. This exposé [below] is worth the time and effort to read and study, for anyone who is interested in understanding the scientific truth, as opposed to fiction — which has unfortunately led to governmental policy that has cost the taxpayer billions upon billions of dollars of wasted money.

Steve Milloy (founder and editor of JunkScience.com) has presented, for the first time, emails uncovered via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that expose the inner workings of a little-known bureaucracy dedicated to keeping in place the so-called “Linear Non-Threshold Model” (LNT). The LNT Model has been used by regulatory agencies since the 1950s to set permitted exposure standards for radiation (and, by extrapolation, to chemicals that might be toxic or carcinogenic).

For more than a decade, however, Prof. Emeritus Ed Calabrese (in more than three dozen peer-reviewed scientific articles) has been uncovering solid evidence (in behind-the-scenes letters and documents) — proving that the LNT Model was pushed into government policies, despite scientific evidence demonstrating that the original 1930s-40s research (by 1946 Nobel Laureate Hermann J Mueller) had been erroneously interpreted (Mueller claimed that he showed “gamma-irradiation causes mutations in the fruit fly”, when in fact, what he was seeing, were chromosomal breaks, not mutations.) Although in the early 1940s he realized his critics were right and he was incorrect — he was too proud to agree with them because he desperately coveted the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine).

“LNT” states that radiation is dangerous at any levels and increases with dose. The truth is, that the dose-response curve reflects hysteresis (at lowest doses, radiation is beneficial; as the dose increases the response ultimately becomes increasingly toxic and/or carcinogenic). Sadly, the same policy has been extended for any toxic- or cancer-causing chemical. The many pages in this URL [see below] uncover statements by this anti-LNT (or anti-Calabrese) bureaucracy that is hell-bent on maintaining the status quo and not yielding to any scientific facts proven by The Scientific Method (for me, this whole kerfuffle “strikes close to home”, because on several occasions in the 1970s and 80s, I was invited to join this corrupt bureaucracy; but refused because “something smelled fishy” and I did not want to be distracted from my research career). ☹

Emails Reveal: Bureaucrats censor radiation risk science fraud by cancelling whistleblowers; Huge implications for nuclear power and more

Emails Reveal: Bureaucrats censor radiation risk science fraud by cancelling whistleblowers; Huge implications for nuclear power and more

What if the public’s fears about common exposures to radiation were not only baseless, but the product of epic science fraud? And what if the people we have trusted with setting radiation saf…


To read these documents will take hours — but believe me, it is well worth your time. This LNT controversy is reminiscent of the fictional “Human emissions/CO2-causes global warming” hysteria that has rocked the Western World since the 1980s and has developed into a multi-trillion-dollar-per-year industry. Russia, and especially China (who are able to distinguish between Science and Fiction), have benefitted and profited greatly from encouraging the Western World to continue their expensive ruse. ☹☹


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