In this 2.5-hour presentation, Professor Ed Calabrese goes through the steps by which the research record was altered by the BEAR Genetics Panel. This led to the Linear No-Theshold (LNT) “government policy,” back in the 1950s, based on this fraudulent research record. These GEITP pages have shared at least a dozen papers by Calabrese on this scandal.

Ed has also documented other significant and highly problematic decisions of this Panel that were used to support their recommendations of the LNT. Just to take one example: strictly speaking, according to LNT, a physician should not prescribe warfarin to prevent a stroke — because it really is rat poison, which will kill a rat in large doses and will also kill you (because of the linear no-threshold model). However, in small doses, it might save your life.

Likewise, according to LNT, even if a nuclear power plant contributes only the tiniest amount relative to normal background radiation (which actually has been shown statistically significantly to increase longevity), the plant should be shut down. And many plants have therefore been shut down. Consequently, we are forced to use fossil fuel energy — which is a constant source of energy but it is not nearly as “clean” as nuclear energy. And we are being pushed to use wind and solar energy, which is not a constant source (always intermittent) and never will take care of any more that 8 to 12 percent of human population requirements.


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