Why herd immunity theshold to COVID-19 is reached much earlier than thought – update


Thank you, M. The time-line for number of COVID-19-related deaths [see figure below] is also very intriguing — in a country that never imposed any restrictions — no face masks, children stayed in school, and the economy was not affected:

Did Sweden’s coronavirus strategy succeed or fail? – BBC News


From: MI-S
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2020 2:52 AM

Thank you for that update on the likelihood of herd immunity. It has been amazing how the infection rate has decreased in Sweden. Now we can see it also on the level of new confirmed COVID-19 cases:

The reason behind this is really not understood. The Swedish people have not changed their habits at all. One can imagine, as mentioned, that cell immunity could contribute; in Stockholm it is estimated that 20% have T Cell immunity and another 20% carry antibodies. Therefore, perhaps 40% immune people in our population is sufficient to provide herd immunity.

How stable is the epigenome of the virus? One could imagine changes (in the viral epigenome), relative to the influence of the virus environment in the Swedish population.

Best, M

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