A beautiful crisp 3-minute presentation on the CO2 issue

This 3-min video is from Malcolm Roberts, an Engineer in Australia. And, of course, he has an Australian accent…

What the viewer must be QUICKLY aware of (in such a short video) –– is that what he has, in front of him, is a pile of rice particles “representing the number of molecules of N, C, methane and CO2 in the planet’s atmosphere”.

This makes a GREAT visual illustration as to how trivial the amount of CO2 is, and how much even far more trivial the amount of human-produced CO2 is in the atmosphere, plus the fact that CO2 does not “cause” global warming but rather global warming affects atmospheric CO2 levels.

From an Australian Scientist.

Australia is part of our planet and, “What Goes Around, Comes Around” so … this is interesting, simple,

This is a beautiful crisp 3-minute presentation on the CO2 issue.

A physical model (of rice granules) is used to illustrate something that is totally lost on almost every American.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/ BC1l4geSTP8

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