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Besides gene-environment interactions, the GEITP Chat Group has always covered “fraud and corruption in science”.

There is no larger issue of hype, fraud and deception being perpetrated on Western civilization over the past 35 years … than the nonscientific claims of “Anthropogenic (Man-Made) Global Warming” (then around 2009, they decided to change the name of their concern to “Climate Change”, because they could no longer find any global warming after ~1997). There is no hypothesis-driven credible evidence of global warming, or of the claims that “rising atmospheric CO2 levels cause said global warming”––despite the political groups raking in more than one trillion dollars in “climate change” and “green energy” industries (also Nobel Prizes) over the past three decades.

The email below is from Nicola Scafetta, Physics Research Scientist in the Department of Earth Sciences, Environment and Resources, Univ of Naples, Italy. He is also Adjunct Professor at Duke University, North Carolina. His research interests are in theoretical and applied statistics and nonlinear models of complex processes. His recent paper [] is The Breakthrough, The Landmark Paper, that many have been waiting for––showing quite convincingly and unequivocally that climate oscillations throughout the entire Holocene Period appear to be highly associated with astonomical and solar movements, and magnetic forces.

These data now represent a hypothesis which can be tested and further proven or disproven, using The Scientific Method instead of emotions, hype, and political hand-waving.

 “From: Nicola Scafetta <>
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 2:02 PM
Subject: recent paper on link between astronomical, solar and climate oscillations

Dear colleague,
I would like to share my last paper showing the existence of an evident link between astronomical, solar and climate oscillations. Here it is:

Scafetta, N., Milani, F., Antonio Bianchini, A., Ortolani, S.:
On the astronomical origin of the Hallstatt oscillation found in radiocarbon and climate records throughout the Holocene.
Earth-Science Reviews 2016; 162: 24-43

There is a free access to the article, and is valid for anybody until November 10, 2016 by using this link

The importance of this article is that it demonstrates quite clearly that the long Hallstatt oscillation (about 2,318-year period), which is observed in climate and solar records is a major stable resonance of the solar system. The paper also evaluates the other major planetary stable resonances and we found all other typical oscillations found in climate and solar records such as a quasi 20-year oscillation, a quasi 60-year oscillation, the 82-97-year Gleissberg oscillation and the 159-185-year Jose oscillation (and others). Thus, it appears to me quite clear that the sun and the climate system are in resonance with the natural oscillations of the solar system.

This paper complements many other papers on the subject as in the references such as my previous large study that I also presented in my talk.

Scafetta, N., 2013. Discussion on climate oscillations: CMIP5 general circulation models versus a semiempirical harmonic model based on astronomical cycles. Earth-Science Reviews 126, 321-357.

These data all demonstrate that none of the IPCC models reconstructs the climate oscillations, which, on the contrary, are linked to astronomical oscillations. Models to reconstruct and forecast global surface temperature are provided as well.

I hope that this may be of interest to some of you.


Nicola Scafetta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor”

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