Invitation to become a member of the EU Academy of Sciences (EUAS)

Last night this email was received, which was an invitation to “join the society of the EU Academy of Sciences (EUAS) [
Interpaper Research Organization – EU Academy of Sciences
Interpaper Research Organization Interpaper is a Research Organization dealing with research projects and consulting engineers projects in several fields of engineering mechanics, like elasticity, plasticity, fracture mechanics, structural analysis, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, petroleum science and elastodynamics.
] of distinguished members worldwide” [see email far below]. Because I had never heard of this organization, I inquired among a half dozen EU GEITP-ers and received varying answers (most had never heard of it). The most complete email response included a 1-page editorial from 2002 [see attached] — suggesting that this society “might not be quite legitimate.” Because these GEITP pages include fraud and corruption as a topic, we will discuss this issue.

It might feel flattering to be asked in an email to join what the organizers claim to be the “most distinguished group of scientists of this century,” but — if you receive this invitation — you should become suspicious. Eminent researchers across the world have received letters, congratulating them on being elected to the European Academy of Sciences, and then, once you agree to join, they they ask for “a US$115 membership fee” (which, 18 years later, has likely increased to ~US$150 per year). However, an investigation by Nature Publishing Group has established that the organization may not be … all that it is described to be. ☹

According to the invitation letter, election to the Academy is “one of the highest honours that can be accorded any scientist or engineer.” Researchers will be able to “take part in academy-funded projects and submit papers to its publications.” The Academy’s website says the organization “promotes the establishment of new scientific laboratories and institutions” and collaborates with “national academies, universities and research centres of various European countries.”

However, Nature has not been able to find any record of the Academy’s publications, projects or meetings … and cannot confirm the scientific credentials of those behind this organization. This academy — which is NOT related to the Vienna-based European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea) — claims to be “represented in almost every European country,” but it could only be traced to a rented office in Brussels. It also claims to have “recruited some 600 members, including 40 Nobel Laureates,” yet other scientific organizations in Europe say that they are not aware of it. For further entertaining reading, please examine the attached editorial from 2002 (which means that this allegedly fraudulent ‘society’ continues to persist, 18 years later). ☹


Nature 31 Oct 2002; 419: 865

Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 1:10 AM

Dear Professor XXXXX,

We would be pleased to invite you to join our society of the EU Academy of Sciences (EUAS) ( ) of distinguished members worldwide. You join some special people in many countries all over the world, who are members of this unique society, committed to advancing science and technology.

The EU Academy of Sciences is an international scientific organization and among the most prestigious in Europe. It is composed of the world’s leading scientists, scholars and business people, aiming to promote excellence in science and technology.

So, the EU Academy of Sciences is an independent, non-profit international organization with many members in several countries all over the world, including Nobel Prize (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine & Economics) and Outstanding Scientists winners.

The membership newsletter, EU ACADEMY ANNUAL REPORT, would be your best source of news and information about the EU Academy and its members. Besides, within the scope of the Academy is to organize an annual symposium called Next Generation Sciences of the 21st Century.

We hope that you will take advantage of your membership, you will participate in our research programs, you will keep to be informed about the activities of our Academy and you will invite your colleagues to join the EU Academy.

Please confirm that you are interested to join us, as a member of the EU Academy of Sciences and then we will send you immediately the Membership Card. Also, attached you will find your personalized Membership Certificate and the Invitation Letter.

With my very best regards, Prof. E.G. Ladopoulos

President & CEO of the EU Academy of Sciences (EUAS)

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